No pig jokes here.

Just telling people you catered at “The GRPSTC”, pronounced “Gripstick”, the Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center is cool.  Having my seven your old and most trusted pit drain  its load of jet black melted pork fat grease on the front door step of the a $45 million, state-of-the-art public safety training facility located in Glendale, not so cool.  Slow smoking over 500 pounds of bone in pork shoulders produces a good amount of this black nasty fluid that stains most things.   As the weather warmed up during the New Years Day Tostitos Fiesta Bowl game at the Cardinals stadium the cold brass  valve under the pit warmed up just enough to melt the fat plug and release the warm liquid onto Glendale’s decorative, and aparently prized, concrete parade deck.  Ok, I will take the blame, I left the valve in the open position. 

Seabrisket takes a dump at the GRPSTC

My son Luke and I manned the primary, and significantly busier feeding point for all of the stadium cops and fire personnel.  We parked “Coyote 1”  in our designated spots on the West side of the WestGate City Center near the Cardinals stadium.   We set up and served just outside the vacant retail space used to feed and rehab the 500 person army of public safety personal assigned to every aspect of the Fiesta Bowl.   Luke and I met and served some super hero looking SWAT Team studs, some rather shady looking under cover detectives, Napoleonic and semi attitudinal motorcycle cops, cops on horseback, FBI agents and hundreds of regular officers in their tactical black uniforms. 

During the event I was notified that “Seabrisket”  had “taken a dump”.   I knew I had a problem.  Glendale P.D. sent a small army to mop up the spill, I laughed and told them it would not make a dent in the fat caused stain.  Make a long blog shorter,  The next day I rented a large steam power washer and spent an hour, under the watchful eye of numerous public safety officials, cleaning up the mess.  In the end, and much to my surprise, the oil spill was gone.  This made the cops happy,  and we all got ready to do it again for the bigger BCS game.  That time I decided to close the valve.  All told over 1,000 large meals served and a safe bowl season.


~ by El Toro BBQ on January 26, 2011.

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