Free Willie!

“Don’t take shit from anybody!”  That’s what I told Willie Nelson while meeting him after his recent concert at the Child Help/ Berrett Jackson fund raiser.  As you might have learned, Willie was recently arrested in Texas, of all places,  after a Boarder Patrol agent stopped Willies tour  bus and detected the smell of pot.  Oh really, did they expect to smell anything else but pot on his bus?  A small time,  sheriff in a small Texas county has been quoted as saying he is “going to throw Willie into jail”  over the incident.  I actually got a ridiculous speeding ticket in that same lame county in South West Texas.   Willie Nelson, Mr. Texas, and all around hippy actually smoked pot on the roof of the White House in 1975 after performing for President Carter.  Story goes, the President asked Willie to sleep over at the White House.  Wanting to get high, he was escorted to the roof.  Under the watchful eyes of the Secret Service, Willie fired up a “fat Austin torpedo”.  

 Why is some pencil neck, small time cop up in Willies business over his recreational weed?  

Willie put on a hell of a good show at WestWorld,  I would encourage everybody to step out and see him live.  If you do, tell him El Toro says hello!


~ by El Toro BBQ on January 16, 2011.

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