Best Chicken Taco: El Toro BBQ

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This being my first post ever,  I decided I need to brag  just a bit.  Last weekend was the first ever Arizona Taco Festival.  El Toro BBQ, being a seasoned competitor in the BBQ world decided to enter.  Unlike my ridiculously large and unskilled BBQ competition team, I figured it was best to go after the taco title with a more tactical team.  I asked my wife, of course, and my good friends Mark and Denise Vonderlin. Mark is a founding member of Team El Toro BBQ and has been with me each and every time El Toro wins awards.  Mark is not a chef, however, his dedication and eye for detail are second to none.  To make this long story short, with Mark’s culinary skills El Toro BBQ won the “Best Chicken Taco” category, that’s numero uno in Arizona.  We scored tenth in beef and did well with our pork and seafood entries.  Overall El Toro BBQ finished seventh out of 31 respectable taco teams.  Most teams came from well-known and established Mexican restaurants in the valley.  Most serve high-end Mexican food everyday.  So, with that said, we are proud, very proud of our position and our new-found fame in the taco world.  Look for our trophy photo to be placed in this blog often.  If you can’t wait for the photo, click on the link below to see our YouTube video of the contest.


Why El Toro?

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In 2008 my wife, teenage kids and I were sitting at a beach side bar in Barcelona Spain.  During our long, post beach day happy hour, the young Spanish bar tender quietly leaned over the a girl standing at the bar and said “Oh no, here comes El Toro” , we all turned around to see small man in his late 60’s, stark naked with a full tattoo Speedo.  It was obvious to all of us why he had been given the name “The Bull”,  very impressive to say the least.  For the next few days we noticed “El Toro”, with his proud swagger walking the streets of Barcelona showing off his pierced, jeweled and very hard to avoid man package.  Fast forward a few months, my wife and I were riding the wave of a newly formed and yet to be named barbeque catering company.  We needed a name and my wife suggested El Toro.  That was it, no more talk of names.  Actually, El Toro has a long history with our family.  We liked the international flavor and the strength it implies.  Back in the 1940’s Walt Disney designed a cloth patch for the USMC and their El Toro California air base.  The patch was applied to the aviators flight suites.  We liked the style of the Disney patch, so we created our bull with wings using many of Walt’s design elements.  We try to include photos of Mr. El Toro from Barcelona in our quarterly news letters. 

Mr. El Toro, our namesake.